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Win Pon Di Road - Newsletter

publishedover 1 year ago
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Wherever you go,Win!

We are all on a journey in life. Each of our paths looks different. One of our universal goals is to Win. Are you winning on your life journey? This newsletter will provide an opportunity to share Wins, Lessons, and Inspiration. We are winning on the road and want you to come on the adventure. No matter your location on this beautiful planet. Let's enjoy the journey together. We can encourage each other to live well. To enjoy beautiful sunsets walks in the park, walks on the beach. We are on an adventure this summer. Join us as we explore beautiful Jamaica. Our family is here working and spending time with family. I decided to work on the road and document some of our adventures. You are welcome to learn and enjoy with us. Photos and videos help tell the story of our experience. Remember we win together and Win Pon Di Road.

SandyB's Playbook

Three ways to recapture your motivation.

When first embarking on pursuing a goal, the motivation you had when first embarking on pursuing a dream can be affected by many factors. When your motivation dwindles, you must do everything you can to rekindle the fire if you want to reach your goals. Here are three ways to recapture your motivation and continue on your wins journey.

Readjust Your Focus

When you readjust what you are focusing on, you can recapture your motivation. You have a lot going on. Yet, despite this, you decide you will spend the afternoon at your child's soccer match. You have a great time. And you are not at all thinking about Work.

That which you are focusing on is having an impact on your mood. So while your circumstances haven't changed, your new focus is changing how you're feeling.

Identify Places that Unlock Creativity and Energy

When you are in an environment that awakens your enthusiasm, you feel more motivated by what you experience and see. Maybe you feel inspired when touring a museum, attending a concert, or browsing a bookstore. Spend at least two hours a week in an environment that motivates you or engage in activities that inspire you, like dancing, mentoring, or walking on the beach. Then, use that newfound energy to work on accomplishing your goals.

Celebrate Your Successes

No matter how big or small they are, celebrate every single success. Create a culture that enables your motivation to grow. Build on the excitement when you succeed, positive feedback you receive, and good results you experience. Don't spend too much time focusing on and worrying about what didn't work. Instead, learn from the experience, make improvements to the process, and move on.

When you celebrate your wins, it can help to inspire you to keep moving forward.

To learn more about staying motivated and getting your Wins. Sign up for your complimentary coaching session with SandyB.

90 Day Wins Podcast

90 Day Wins Podcast

New Season of Wins!

We are excited about this new Season. After completing Season 2 of the Podcast in April, we prepare to bring you more Goal Getter Win stories and inspiration and encouragement to assist you on your 90 day wins journey. This Season we are discussing faith and why it is needed to Win. Our Goal Getters are inspiring listeners to get out and achieve their goals.

We all have our own set of obstacles and challenges, but we can learn to have faith and know we will Win. We are "Pon Di Road" in Jamaica. It gives us a unique opportunity to travel and talk with Goal Getters from all over the world. You will be inspired, as always, by these fantastic individuals. Each unique person provides their own win story that helps listeners believe they can win too. Available on all podcast directories. Listen here to catch up on Seasons 1 & 2!

Goal Getter Wins - Store

We are happy to announce our Online Store coming in July!

Our Win Collection is for people who want to share their Wins daily.

Created for Goal Getters globally, who strive to achieve Wins daily.

Ebooks for Wins is a collection of Ebooks to encourage and inspire readers to achieve wins daily.

Self-help for achieving and setting goals. More books to come.

Coming in July

  • 7 Day Procrastination Challenge
  • 90 Day Wins - Store
  • 90 Day Wins - Blog